My name is Charles Carvalho and I sign OAK on my jobs. I was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1977 but currently living in São Paulo city.

I started my career when I was 16 on the comics market and never stopped making art!

Painting came to my life when I discovered the pleasure and relax sense during painting a screen.

 After 18 years of experience I love painting and I’m able to say that if everyone has a reason for living, painting is mine.

 Thus inaugurating this space as a private channel for watching my job.

Thank you.



Carrousel Du Louvre - 2015 (collective)

Fiat Lux - 2015 (collective)

Orgulho - 2015 (Solo Exhibition)

Zeitgeist - 2015 (Solo Exhibition)

Construção Mixórdia - 2015 (Solo Exhibition)

Muros Viscerais - 2014 (Solo Exhibition)

Exposição Anual Plein Air Studio - 2014 (collective)

22º Salão de Artes Plásticas Medalha Bruno Giorgi - 2014 (collective)

27º Salão de Arte da Associação Comercial de São Paulo - 2014 (collective)

"pequenas OBRAS GRANDES artistas" - 2014 (collective)

WWII - As Cores da Guerra - 2014 (collective)

Oak apaixonado por Narcisas - 2014 (Solo Exhibition)

2º Salão de Outono da América Latina - 2014 (collective)

Boteco Cultura - 2013 (collective)

Keep Walking Dead Brasil - 2013 (collective)

Realismo Hoje - 2012 (collective)

Olhares Diversos - 2012 (collective)

Versões Pictóricas - 2012 (collective)